How I Work… with a Migraine

 By Megan

Migraines and I have battled one another off and on since I was twelve. I get them under wraps, and then they go away or at least become unnoticeable for a few years… until they start again.

Two years ago, this month, they started again at age 29. I hadn’t had a bad spell since I was maybe seventeen.

The event lasted two weeks. I was dizzy, nauseous, and in pain. After about a week of being in work off and on, I went to urgent care. They said it was a vertigo spell and referred me to my doctor, who then referred me to a neurologist. I hadn’t seen one in years.

They determined that the vertigo was migraine-related.

Over the the past two years, I’ve tried so many things to help my migraines, especially since I work full time and also volunteer. I’m sure you will hear a lot more about what I’ve tried over time.

I have avoided going on a daily medication. The doctor has recommended them, but since my husband and I will be planning for a family in the next few years, we felt that it was better to not start it only to turn around and have to come off of it.

I came THIS CLOSE to asking the doctor to put me on a daily medication last month. THIS CLOSE. My husband and I spoke about it, and I decided I was going to try one more thing…

See, I work in a cubicle, at a computer, and talk to customers all day. That and a migraine don’t match up. When a migraine comes on, I’ve tried to work through it, take my acute medications, but I end up still needing to leave work. I hate that. My coverage buddy knows that if I ask him mid day to cover, it’s due to a migraine.

image1 (1)

One of the last bad migraine days I had, a co-worker told me about peppermint tea mixed with ginger. Between her and another co-worker, I put the tea together. I was able to stay at work that day. It slashed the migraine. I immediately went out and added peppermint tea and dried ginger to my desk drawer, and have used it a few times since.

Then, I read about these “computer glasses.” They basically have a tint to them to help the glare from the bright computer screen (and those darn fluorescent overhead lights!). I decided, why not, and spent the $16 to buy them on Amazon.

Around the same time, I went to the health store by my house to inquire about muscle pain. I’m currently training for a half marathon and cross training at the same time. My muscles ached! They recommended magnesium. I started to take powdered magnesium nightly… and it, too, has helped with my migraines, not just my muscle aches.

This odd combo has helped. I had a migraine shortly after I started using the computer glasses, but I didn’t have to leave work! I drank my tea, and wasn’t affected by the environment as I typically am. I feel that the magnesium has helped, and has taken the place of a daily medication.

Not all remedies work for everyone. But with each one of these things, I felt if it could bring me closer to not needing an every day medication it was a positive thing.

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