Stuck & Stressed: How Rapid Transformation Therapy Helped Me

By Laura

You know the one nagging thought that always pops into your brain during those moments you feel most insecure or when your pain is at its worst? The one that does not go away and finds you at the lowest of your lows? The one that rules your day?

Mine was: I am not worthy.

I didn’t feel worthy of the love, care, and help I received from my family and friends. I didn’t feel worthy of all the good I have in my life – from the roof over my head, to the food in my fridge, to the availability of health care options I have at my fingertips. I did not feel worthy of any of it.

Why? Well, honestly, the reason is completely irrational — I felt that because I had chronic pain, my suffering needed to extend to other areas of my life too. I was already suffering, so shouldn’t I suffer more? Isn’t the reason for this pain because I did something awful in a past life and need to be punished? If that’s the truth, then punish me, I mean REALLY punish me!

Five weeks ago, those were the irrational thoughts swirling around in my brain. I, of course, felt grateful for all I have (and still do!) but I didn’t feel worthy of it. The more I worked with my therapist on worthiness, the more it kept popping up as the root cause of my irrational thoughts. I was starting to get frustrated because no matter how many affirmations, mantras, and negative to positive thinking worksheets I did, the worthiness piece would appear. It was like playing whack-a-mole.

The game is now over, thanks in large part, to Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). I met my therapist Amy from No BS Therapy in a Facebook group (isn’t it funny how the world works these days?) and quickly knew I needed to try RTT because my belief of being unworthy ran so deep in my soul.

RTT is a type of therapy where you are put in a light hypnosis and are guided through a series of questions to reveal events where your thoughts and beliefs originated then shown how to shift your energy around them into a positive light. This is a simple explanation, but the process is truly transformational.

Tears streamed down my face while I relived seemingly meaningless events in my life that had previously reinforced my feeling of unworthiness. In just two hours, I was able to move an ugly ball of energy that was stored in my stomach and turn it into a stronger spine. The cloud of pain that sat on top of my head now nestles lovingly in my heart. And, I feel worthy.

Trust me, I keep checking that I do. When I look up from typing and see my home, the flowers on my kitchen table and the light blooming through my window, I now feel worthy of it all. My feelings and thoughts have changed.

At the end of our session, Amy recorded for me a personalized meditation to listen to every day for three weeks to reinforce the changes we made together and keep me on track. In doing so, I’m reminded every day of the worthiness and power I have within myself to change.

I no longer feel stressed and stuck. I feel worthy, powerful, and rapidly more me.





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