5 Easy Ways to Raise Awareness

By Sarina

Awareness is desperately needed for both headache disorders and chronic migraine. Both of these conditions are incredibly misunderstood by medical professionals as well as by your average Joe on the street.

People who suffer from headache disorders and chronic migraine simply get told to “take some Tylenol and drink water,” as if that wasn’t one of the first things we ever tried. There is simply a scarcity of awareness surrounding headache and migraine and its up to those of us who live with it to help improve the situation by educating, raising awareness, and telling our stories.

So how can you raise awareness for migraine and headache disorders during the month of June for Migraine & Headache Awareness Month (and beyond)? Here are 5 super easy ways you can spread awareness:

1. Utilize your social media platforms.

Nearly everyone has at least one social media account. You can spread awareness simply by making a post on your preferred social media platform. It is that easy! You can also do a quick Google search and find a great graphic or image with a headache or migraine fact. It is so easy for your friends and followers online to hit that Share button, or even just comment that they’ve learned something new. That one share can reach so many people!

2. Print flyers and place them around.

Find a location that permits you to put up a flyer. This could be your work bulletin board, the bathrooms at a school, your neighborhood’s pool house, your doctor’s offices, and more. With a few statistics and facts you can craft an incredible awareness flyer in no time! Consider including the following information in your flyer:

  • The frequency of headache and migraine sufferers,
  • The impact these conditions have on one’s life,
  • A reputable website or blog to check out for more information,
  • How you can help spread awareness and stop common misconceptions of these conditions from occurring.

3. Consider telling your story by submitting it to a blog (like ours!) or another health website.

Telling your own story of living with migraines or headaches can bring things down to a personal level. Most people, regardless of what they actually know about it, like to engage with personal stories. Use a blog post to help educate others so they can learn more about the real struggle of living with headache and migraine. Talk about how it impacts your daily life, the various treatments you have to use or have tried, and other facts and anecdotes.

4. Talk to someone about migraine and headache disorders.

Don’t forget the weight that a simple conversation with someone holds. Do you take a commuter train to work? Are you waiting in line for your morning coffee? Are the cashiers backed up at the grocery store? Do you have some down time with coworkers? A date out with friends? A family event? These are just a few great examples of situations when you can make conversation with someone and spread some headache and migraine awareness and education along the way! Consider printing out a small flyer or card with a few facts to give out to people you meet.

5. Ask people in your personal life to spread awareness for you & with you.

Whether you live with your parents, with a partner, with friends or roommates, or alone, don’t hesitate to ask the people in your life to help spread awareness, too. One person can reach a few people, but two, three, even four people can reach SO many more! Ask your friends and family to share posts on social media with you or even wear awareness gear. Those handy flyers you made? Give some to your co-workers or anyone else to pass out, too.

The people in your life who truly care about you will be willing to help, so take them up on it! Awareness doesn’t have to stop with you! 



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