Summer Migraine Tips: From Dog Days to the Last Days

By Wanda

There are a few simple things to remember even in the last days of summer when one has migraines.


Staying hydrated is important to keeping our bodies healthy in general, but even more so in summer. The constant transition from air conditioning to the outdoor heat of these last few weeks of summer and back again takes its toll on our bodies. Air conditioning can actually makes us sweat more when we go outside because of the drastic changes in temperature.

Two of the easiest ways to monitor hydration levels are by urine color and skin elasticity. Healthy urine is pale yellow, unless you take a B Vitamin, which will tint your urine yellow. Healthy skin should “bounce back” after it’s been pinched up from the top of the hand.

My main go-to hack for staying well hydrated is water with electrolytes; you can drink the water plain, use a drink mix or drops for color and flavor, or make cold brew iced tea with it.


Many migraineurs have a hard time wearing hats because of the “band” around them. While big floppy hats are a good option, sunglasses offer even more light control, come in a variety of styles and tints, and can be paired up with loose hats for extra sun protection. Make sure to look for sunglasses that provide protection from harmful UV rays.


Summer means vacation and fairs and theme parks and cook outs… and so may more fun things it becomes hard to eat well on a regular basis. Fortunately, summer brings a plethora of fresh produce and wonderful farmers’ markets or stands.

Berries are wonderful for satisfying a sweet tooth, fresh greens work well as wraps for sandwiches to replace heavy bread, and all those rainbow colored fruits and vegetables make great salads. All things in moderation!


This time of year is famous for big budget movies in the box office. Remember to look for any “seizure” warnings when reading movie reviews and to carry some ear protection with you, or even sunglasses for bright lights in a film. Today’s movies often have “minimum” or automatic volume settings that cannot be changed by the theaters, unfortunately.


It’s that time of year; parents are rejoicing, kids are pouting, and everyone is stressing over supplies and school clothes. If you are a parent of students, or you are personally a student returning to school, take a deep breath, make sure you print or download supply lists and clothing guidelines to your phone. Go through what you already have at home and set aside what can be used to meet the requirements, make a list of total numbers of items needed if shopping for more than one child, and don’t forget to check out online options before facing the insanity of the stores.

All in all, the end of summer takes a little extra planning, but is still filled with fun times!

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 11.49.39 AM

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