Have Migraine, Will Travel: 8 Tips for a Travel Migraine Kit

By Liza

Recently, I wrote about what to keep with you in the car in case your plagued with a sudden migraine while on the road. But what about when you are nowhere near home? What if you are traveling? We’ve all been there, even the most seasoned of us migraine veterans.

We prepare for a trip, remember to bring everything we could possibly need for a long trip, and when we get to our destination (or on the road or in the air), we’re struck down with a sudden migraine and we realize we forgot just about everything we might need to either combat it or make ourselves comfortable.

Fear not, I am here with some ideas on how to make your travel with migraine easier.

1. Plan!

The number one way to avoid stress which can trigger a migraine is planning well in advance. I mean everything from what you are packing for a plane flight or drive. The more you plan for in advance, the less you will stress out about not knowing, which helps to actually make it a vacation.

2. Avoid the mad dash:

This is primarily for an airport setting, but if you are on a time-table driving, really plan out your route. Avoid leaving from your house last minute to the airport and please, avoid the mind-bending-crunch of having only five minutes between connecting flights so you are flying through terminals to attempt to get there on-time, after which, you have a serious stress-induced migraine going on. Migraine and air pressure are the worst combination known to mankind.

3. Duplicate stuff:

This is one I only recently learned myself because I really don’t travel a lot, but may end up having to so, I will tuck this little gem away. If you travel a lot, purchase duplicates like toiletries and chargers and anything else you can think of that you can keep in your toiletries bag and just toss it into a suitcase when you are ready to pack. Think about the time-saving insanity of that!

4. Don’t soldier on:

If you have to hit the brakes, whether it’s while you are running around in the airport or literally hit the brakes in the car, if you are in the midst of a migraine and you need to take your meds don’t feel like you are inconveniencing people by stopping. In fact, if you do stop, take care of it and go on, chances are you will have to stop for a much shorter span of time than if you wait. Nip it in the bud!

5. Be a diva:

Maybe not with attitude, but just remember to treat yourself right. If you are on a plane with a migraine and the couple in front of you just won’t shut-up or won’t bring down their shade and the sun is blinding you, just ask the stewardess to see if she can mitigate for you. That goes for an extra blanket too!

6. Weather Alert!

If you know weather is a trigger, keep track of the forecast for where you will be traveling. If you can prepare in advance and bring things that can help you get through it you’ll be in much better shape than had you not.

7. Uber & Lyft are your friends:

If you are traveling alone and had planned for a rental car where you were going but are in the cross-hairs of a migraine, pad your wallet before leaving for the possibility of utilizing one of these taxi services. You can always rent the car later but traveling is typically so stressful and even if it is a business trip and not vacation, who says you can’t spoil yourself a little? Take the Uber/Lyft to your hotel and then plan for a car later. By the way, this is something you can utilize all the time. I know we’re all too sensible most days, but even if you are at a friend’s house suddenly struck by a migraine and unsure if you can get home, you are actually safer getting a ride then trying to soldier through it.

8. Top 3 things to keep with you in case of a migraine:

  1. Medications: Never leave home without them!
  2. Baggie with ginger candies: Helps with nausea.
  3. Badger Headache Soother: The small tin can go in your purse or carry on and in an air plane. (Double check TSA requirements).


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