Thriving Through Thanksgiving

By Wanda

Many people struggle during the holiday season. It’s a well known fact special days bring out both the best and worst in humans. (Please note: dogs are pretty much always happy and cats just don’t care.)

We are reminded of those who passed away, those we’ve chosen to remove from our “friend list,” and those who have simply disappeared. For many of us, family issues lie at the heart of holiday trouble. For many of us, pain and disease complicate daily activities and make holiday schedules hellish. For many of us, mental health around the holidays becomes a struggle. Whatever holiday horrors you are facing, there are some things that can help.

So, here is my cheat sheet for making it through any holiday: THRIVE

Take time to prepare ahead

Honor offers of help

Remember to take your meds

Invest in self care

Vent to someone you trust

Eliminate extra hassles

1.) Take Time to Prep Ahead:

– Make and freeze meals, side dishes, and doughs

– Start addressing Christmas cards as early as possible

– Decorate in stages

2.) Honor Offers of Help:

– Take people seriously when they offer to do things

– By helping you, they are often helping themselves

– Let people know if you need help, don’t feel guilty

3.) Remember to Take Your Meds:

– Set alarms on your phone

– Keep a stash in your car, purse, and office

– Take extra meds with you for an event or dinner

4.) Invest in Self Care:

– Rest when you first need to instead of waiting until you have to

– Surround yourself with soothing music and smells

– Remember it’s ok to say “no” or “I can’t”

5.) Vent to Someone You Trust:

– We all need an ear sometimes

– Go into the conversation with open eyes and ears on both sides

– Listen to others as well — a shared burden is a lighter burden

6.) Eliminate Extra Hassles

– check your local book store, high school, or youth group for gift wrapping presents

– Shop online — seriously, Amazon Prime is your new BFF

– Make gatherings a potluck, then, have the children & teens clean up

THRIVE principles work year round, but are especially helpful right now as we jump into the holiday hubbub. In each event you face during the holidays, find something good about it — even if it’s just not eating your aunt’s fruit bread.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing, or a really serious thing. Yesterday, I was grateful my socks actually matched. Bit by bit, looking for the good will help you thrive more and more. Life as Migraineurs and Spoonies is a challenge, but with planning and a change in focus, it becomes easier to thrive.


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