Gift Ideas When Money is Tight

By Winslow

Most of us who struggle with migraines or other health conditions are forced to spend most of our money on medications, doctor visits and treatments and are not always able to work. This can cause a financial strain, especially around the holiday season. But take heart, below is a list of inexpensive gift ideas sure to bring joy to your friends and family!

1. Picture Perfect Gift:

The dollar tree sells frames, markers and craft supplies and you can get photos printed at Walmart for as low as 9 cents a print. You can print out a picture, personalize the frame and give it as a gift to remind your loved one of a special memory!

2. Homemade Goodies:

Everyone loves homemade treats! You can make cookies, cakes and even healthy snacks and give them away to your loved ones.

3. DIY Comfort Products:

You can make your own bath bombs and soaps for a fraction of the cost and create personalized products to give as gifts. All you need is a few craft supplies, thirty minutes and some essential oils! You can find hundreds of easy, DIY recipes on Pinterest.

4. Customized Coupons:

These are a great gift because they cost you nothing but your time. Creating personalized “coupons” with services such as “Redeem for One Free Hug” or “Redeem One Free Errand or Chore” will show your loved ones that actions speak louder than words. All of us can use extra help every now and again!

5. Handwritten Sentiments:

Writing a handwritten letter may seem like a cheap gift, but in reality who wouldn’t want a kind letter to read over and over again to lift your spirits on a bad day?  You can even get creative and fill a mason jar up with kind things you love about a person and give it to them as a gift. It’s truly the thought that counts. Everyone needs validation and handwritten notes are a great way to spread positivity and love.

It has once been said that the most valuable things in life cannot be bought. The holidays are not about the decorations, the gifts or even the delicious food; they are about cherishing time with our loved ones. Even the most expensive gifts cannot bring as much joy as our friends and family can. Don’t lose sight of what is really important. Love is truly all that matters after all.

Happy Holidays!  

Love, Win 

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