How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep with a Migraine

By Sarah (Guest Writer) –

Are you finding that when you suffer from a migraine, it is putting a roadblock in your path to a good night’s sleep? If this is the case, you’re not alone and it’s definitely not just a figment of your imagination.

Actually, the American Migraine Foundation state that people who have to deal with migraines on a regular basis are as many as eight times more susceptible to enduring issues related to their sleep when compared to the general population.

In fact, sleep deprivation is commonly described as being a spark for incoming migraines, Timothy A. Collins, MD, explains. So, if you are among the many people who have migraines and fight a battle with insomnia, the cycle can seem to be never-ending.

Not sleeping enough sets off your migraines and the migraines can stop you from enjoying the quality sleep you need to not only escape the cycle but to function normally too.

So, how exactly can you escape the issue and move on to greener pastures? It’s a case of overhauling your nightly sleep routine to start things off with and if you want to encourage and support a better night’s sleep, then you can start by following these simple yet effective pointers.

Maintain a reliable sleep schedule

Having a reliable, regular sleep schedule is a sure-fire way to allow your brain the ability to control its biologic cycles so that you can still get those sleepy feelings at bedtime and awake when the morning comes.

If your sleep times are all over the place, then your brain doesn’t know what you’re doing and can’t function in a way that is effective for you. Every adult should enjoy 7-9 hours of sleep every evening in order to stay happy and healthy.

Form a soothing bedtime routine

With all the things going on with people and their busy lives, having the capability to switch off and settle in for the night can be troublesome. As such, incorporating a soothing bedtime routine that supports positive methods that help you to disengage from everything and unwind in a way that will bring about better sleep is very important.

Stress is known as being the most potent trigger for headaches, so, being able to unwind is essential. Things you should be aiming to add into an effective routine are:

  •      Soaking in a warm bath
  •      Practising mindfulness or meditation
  •      Listening to soothing music

These are just a few of the best things to do to help reduce migraine frequency and reintroduce sounds slumber.

Think about your diet

Consuming a big meal before you go to bed is a renowned way of interrupting your sleep the National Sleep Foundation confirms. You should be mindful that fatty and/or greasy foods are among the worst.

While you should always be thinking of eating a balanced diet to maintain your healthy lifestyle, which includes cutting down on meat and dairy, little is known on the foods that stimulate and trigger migraines.

Not eating meals is known to be a starting point for migraines, but apart from that, it is advised that you keep track of what you eat in order to better understand where your migraines might be coming from. In fact, processed meats, aspartame and red wine are all known to increase the chances of incurring migraines, so the American Migraine Foundations suggests swerving away from these if you’re susceptible to migraines.

Escape your electronics

Being over-reliant on smart devices and electronics is proving to be a massive problem for people these days. It’s been established that being ‘too connected’, such as watching TV for more than you should, using smartphones, tablets and other smart devices for prolonged periods, can give you issues with stress, sleep and indeed, migraines.

The best thing you can do is give yourself a two-hour window between switching your electronics off and bedtime in order to enjoy the benefits that come as a result. This means that your brain will be able to produce the right level of natural melatonin to help you get to sleep and rest at an adequate state of an evening, which would otherwise be hindered if you are glued to screens before bed.

Create a blissful sleep environment

Finally, one of the best things you can do is to make your bedroom a welcoming place that instantly gives you a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and restfulness.

This is a paramount element for inducing sound, good-quality sleep, and will be a key cog in the wheel for managing migraines. Bedrooms should be reserved strictly for sleep and sex, so it’s a case of making it as dark as possible, as quiet as you can and as cosy as you can make it come bedtime. Anything else can inhibit sleep and ignite migraine-related issues that you want to avoid.


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