Celebrating New Year’s Eve without Triggering a Migraine

By Winslow

The celebration of New Year’s Eve is something most people thoroughly enjoy. This is a chance to reminisce on the past year and hope for a better one to come. But for migraine sufferers, the flashing lights, party foods and alcohol can prove to be a nightmare.

Here is a list of how to celebrate New Year’s Eve without triggering a migraine.

1. Be Careful with Alcohol:

No one enjoys a hangover, but for those of us with migraines, hangovers can prove to be unbearable. Alcohol is also a common trigger for us migraineurs. Be careful with how much alcohol you consume and ask questions about the party punch. If its been spiked, you may want to steer clear of it! Or you could just BYOB just to be safe. Moderation is the key. Don’t start out the new year with an alcohol-induced migraine that could have been prevented.

2. Watch out for Migraine-Triggering Foods:

We all love that delicious party food, but some classic snacks such as cubed cheese and smoked meats can be a recipe for a migraine disaster. Talk with the host of the party you’re attending beforehand and see if there will be allergy-friendly snacks available and if not, you can always eat beforehand or bring your own food!

3. Avoid strobe lights/flashing party favors:

If you know that blinking lights are a trigger, don’t expose yourself to them. Avoid that fancy, hip club that has the five strobe lights… Or you could wear one of those cheesy pairs of glasses with the year on them. 2019-decorated sunglasses are the perfect party favor for migraineurs to help ward off bright lights!

4. Get Proper Rest:

Going to bed early might be a drag on the New Year, but so is fighting through a massive migraine because you stayed up all night celebrating and overdoing it. Again, moderation is the key! It is okay to stay up for that midnight kiss, but be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep. Partying until 5am is not worth getting a migraine over to rinf in your New Year.

5. Don’t Stress:

2019 is a new year full of potential! Don’t get overwhelmed by the past year or the anticipation of a new one. Take the good with the bad and embrace the realization that the new year is a blank slate!

Happy New Year! Remember to take care of yourself because you are worth it!

Love, Win 

Header Image Credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-fireworks-1387577/

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