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My Mantra: “Trust the universe; let life unfold with ease.”


Hi! I’m Laura, the creator behind A Lush Life — a healthy living blog showcasing how eating simply can become lush-cious — and now a contributor to Migraine Mantras.

A Lush Life began a year ago when I started connecting food to the emotions and thoughts inspiring every dish I created, and when I needed a creative outlet after not working for two years due to chronic migraine. Now, it is a place where I share my favourite healthy living recipes and products while telling my story of living with chronic migraine, depression and anxiety.

I spent my childhood knee-deep in cookies, ice cream and my Babcia’s Nanaimo bars, but my palate expanded after realizing what you eat greatly affects your body. I’ve tried vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diets. Although I try to eat mainly plant-based foods, I admit that bacon still happens every once in awhile. I prefer baking to cooking and can often be found putting muffins into the oven at midnight.

For the past 15 years, I have been on a chronic illness journey that has seen me try various diets and medications. This has all led me to read food labels carefully, research ingredients, and ultimately, make changes in my diet to live a healthier life. As part of my healthy living, I am now a Beautycounter consultant. I have a love of skin care and even worked in the skin care industry on and off for 5+ years. This led me to develop a deep knowledge of what goes into our skin care and beauty products. If I was learning about what food was best to put into my body, I needed to know what ingredients and products were best to put on my body too!

Healing is a full circle endeavor and I’m on a mission to ensure my whole body is functioning head to toe. I’m learning every day to trust the universe and let life unfold with ease — something that is not easy with a pounding head. But, as I grow and delve deeper into the causes and reasons behind my illnesses, I feel more enlightened and empowered to take charge of my health.

Before I developed chronic migraine, I graduated university with a Bachelor of Communication – Journalism. After a two year break from freelancing, I’m now back to writing and editing and contribute to BC Food & Wine Trails, Culinaire, and Eat North, among others.

I’m focused on leading A Lush Life WITH migraines and want you to be able to, too!

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