Bonjour, I’m Lisa-Marie. I am a senior biology student in California, but am originally from Ontario, Canada.

I began sharing my story of life with chronic migraines towards the end of 2016 once I realized how few people are educated on the topic. I’ve experienced migraines my entire life. And yes, that means going to the emergency room for head pain at the early age of 3.


I’ve learned to live in pain, but not let pain dictate me. I have a headache every single day (no joke) and debilitating migraines multiple times a week. However, none of this stops me from enjoying and pursuing my passions. I love to hike, take photographs, and dance.

Migraines don’t stop me from laughing as often as I can. They don’t stop me from loving. They don’t stop me from setting goals. And they sure don’t stop me from living. I’m excited to share my stories with you about how I’ve learned to thrive in life with an invisible illness.

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