My Mantra: “Face it, Embrace it, Defy it, Conquer it!”


I am a chronic pain warrior from Houston, Texas. My diagnoses include undefined seizure disorder, rheumatoid arthritis which includes psoriatic and inflammatory, degenerative disc disease, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, avascular necrosis, fibromyalgia, migraine, asthma and bipolar disorder that includes anxiety and PTSD.

I have been chronicling my journey through chronic illness and pain on my blog: – trying to make sense of the craziness that has become, my life. I also write for National Pain Report, encouraging pain patients to use their voice and not give up on finding diagnosis and finding relief. The writing has been therapeutic for me and has allowed me to connect with many other people in my situation which has helped me just as much as my words have helped some readers in not feeling alone. I think one of the most painful symptoms of chronic illness and pain is loneliness.

I have four daughters (24, 21, 18 & 17), two gorgeous Pittie boys, a Silver Point Siamese who runs the house and an amazing husband who has been extremely supportive of my writing and my advocacy work. My advocacy passion includes: a focus on women and chronic pain and illness – encouraging them to advocate for themselves and fight for a diagnosis, mental health awareness and pediatric migraine.

In my free time (what’s that right?) I love to cook and bake and play table-top role play games (like Munkin and Dungeons and Dragons). It’s a family thing too, all the kids play and its great fun. We’re huge into movies, so a typical weekend is heavy in movies and gaming and the girls rather be home than out, so I can’t complain!

You can reach me on Twitter @fibrohippiechic.