My Mantra: “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved” -Unknown


My name is Megan Hamilton, and I have suffered with migraines since I was in elementary school. I have battled them off and on over the years.

Growing up, I was able to manage my migraines both on my own with over the counter medications, and with the help of a neurologist for prescription medications. I have always had the migraine with aura.


Over the last year, my migraines have increased in frequency and intensity. I went from having one migraine a month to 15 per month on average. Since re-locating from North Carolina (my home) to Virginia, I have been followed for my migraines with a neurologist. My most recent diagnosis is chronic hemiplegic migraine with aura.

Outside of migraines, I have been diagnosed with dysautonomia in the form of POTS. I am currently going back and forth between seeing a cardio to neuro.

I also struggle with anxiety and depression. Mental health is something I am super passionate about. You may see photos of my serotonin tattoo. It is the most meaningful tattoo I have out of 5 total.

Megan outside of illness:

I grew up swimming competitively, and swam in college. I am huge animal lover. My dream is to win the lottery so I can start an animal sanctuary or farm. I have also been married a little over a year. We have an adorable Min-Pin name Ellie who is our fur baby. I am a total introvert and nerd. There is nothing better than being home on the couch eating popcorn and watching Harry Potter or HGTV.


I love all things Harry Potter. So much so that my husband proposed to me at Harry Potter world in Florida. We incorporated Harry Potter into our weeding, and we are now annual pass holders at Universal Orlando. We go every 2 months so I can disconnect from work, and every day stressors.

Currently, I work as an LPN for an ortho practice. I love the doctor I work for, and my coworkers are more like family. I love reading and going to the beach. Clayton and I go to the movies every weekend thanks to Movie Pass. My favorite food is pizza, and my favorite dessert is peanut butter cups.