Can Mindfulness Impact Sleep Quality?

By Lisa (Guest Writer) - According to the Center for Disease and Control (CDC), one-third of Americans are not receiving the recommended seven-plus hours of sleep every night and over seventy different sleep disorders have been diagnosed by doctors. A lack of sleep can lead to serious health concerns like high blood pressure, diabetes, and … Continue reading Can Mindfulness Impact Sleep Quality?


5 Ways I’ve Learned How to Survive Chronic Migraine

By Brittany - It’s been 4 years since I was diagnosed with chronic migraine. Having never experienced a migraine prior to the concussion that caused this chronic neurological disease, to say the last 4 years has been a challenging learning experience is an understatement. This last month has been particularly challenging, with each day being … Continue reading 5 Ways I’ve Learned How to Survive Chronic Migraine

Persistent Peace

By Wanda - "Peace begins with a smile." - Mother Teresa Let’s be honest; in the midst of a migraine, our last thought is of peace. During our battles with insurance companies, arrogant doctors, uncaring family members, and a public who equates Migraine with a bad headache, peace doesn't really enter our thoughts. Maybe it … Continue reading Persistent Peace